Clan Rules!

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Clan Rules!

Post by Mordy on Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:23 pm

1. No hacking / cheating

- Anyone caught cheating will be immediately dismissed from the clan.

2. You will help your team, not your KDR
- We could give 2 shits about a KDR....your TEAM comes first.

3. Work as a team, there is no lone wolfs here.
- You will ALWAYS be on the same side as your fellow teammates. (That means NO JOINING SESSION)
- Wear the D$A tag at all times. No double clanning allowed.
- Quitting in Mid Game.
Please do not join or ask for a party invite if you are just going to leave once you get bored or start to
lose, this will completely ruin the game for anyone else who is stupid
enough to play with you ! We all have other responsibilities, so we can understand at times that you
may have to leave the game earlier then expected but if you urgently have
to leave, explain this to your teammates before backing out, we can understand that sometimes a user
might get kicked out because of a bad host or internet connection
failures, but quitting on purpose in the middle of the game will not be tolerated despite how upset you
are at the result.
Depending on the situation you may be kicked from the Clan and/or If you can't follow this simple rule,
warning will be
issued first then if you keep quitting on your teammates for no valid reason, you will be removed from
the clan roster or demoted from any clan rank you might have.

4. Respect the chain of command.
- Respect towards members and non-members.
- You will respect all new comers that wants to join the clan in game and on the website

5. No shit talkin EVER
- Once you kill someone, you are NOT to globally message any shit talking.
That shows you have zero respect for other players....
- Play to have fun!

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